Expressions and Gestures

i find it remarkable when a dancers convinces you about his or her feeling through their facial expressions. Im very fascinated with dance forms that use facial expressions and hand gestures to tell a story. I wish to be able to do that. This video is related to Bharatanatyam however i dont think its the usual or stereotypical movements of the dance form. There is no stomping of the feet or second position plie. The viewers are just drawn by her soft expressions, emotional eyes, and clear hand gestures. I just want to make it clear, its not necessarily Bharatanatyam that I’m interested in but the expressions. Another example of this would be Madhuri Dixit, Indian film actress, who also does a great job of showing facial expressions in her song. Shes the student of Saroj Khan. both Saroj Khan and Madhuri do a great job of facial expressions that the viewers think that the dance is secondary. I find that very fascinating and I’m drawn to learning how to capture an audience with just expressions and gestures.


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