Week 2

I found that in this video of Elon Dance Company the dancers are frequently using each other for support. Rather it’s holding someone as they kick, helping them with a jump, or caring someone are all forms of relying on each other. It definitely reminded me of the partnering that we had done in class because their partnering was also a form of initiating who is in control at the moment. The person that is supporting is also the one initiating the moves. In comparison to what we did in class that person would be the one moving the manikin.
After examine the video multiple times I feel like there is a contrast of meaning in gender and who’s in power. I have notice in the video that when there is a duet of a man and a female the man would be the one supporting the female with her kicks and jumps. I also notice that in the male and female duet the females would be wearing dress and when there is a duet of a female and female the females would be wearing similar clothing but not dresses. Thus to me it means that among females they are equal but with a man there is a difference in power. It seems to me that the female is portrayed weaker then a man. The reason why I feel that they are weaker is because that the man is the one supporting the female. Which then reminds me of the history of female dancing bodies and the concept of men as a foil for women on stage. Ballet defiantly comes in mind when I see the man supporting the female in this video. No matter what amazing and extravagant movement the female does she is still is supported/weaker than a man.


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