Week 5

In our (Czarinna, Eva, and mine) dance sequence we are using the “yes and…” method. i definitely feel like sometime the  “yes and…” method doesnt work, but I think with these awesome girls the  “yes and…” method was the best approach. we each directed a section in the dance sequence. in each section we let the director have full control and as dancers we tried to be devoted and be as passionate about the directors decision. We did this because we want to represent the dancer we wanted each other to be when we took turns directing. Also we use trial and error as a method too. we kept working until we as directors felt satisfied with our work

the structure that our group use was time/ rhythm. we played with speed of our movement which is also can be seen as our theme. we also use lots of circular movements that can produce a specific theme. those movements also allowed us to have a fluidity in our sequence.

our beginning starts off with Czarinnas choreography which i personally believes clearly defines a relationship between all of us. We are all interacting with our movements.  I might be reading to much into our dance but i feel like it kind of has a (non obvious) story line. Czarinna separates Eva and I but yet we are still doing movements that are mirroring each other. However by the end of our dance sequence we become individual dancers that are never the less still connected to each other.


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