Week 6

together as a group we decided on how to group the whole class. we decided that we wanted two groups, an outer group and an inner group. the outer group are the 16 people on the outer edge of the rectangle and the inner group are the 8 people in the inside. thus leaving the middle spot/ tape empty. After we decided on how we will group the class we separated and came up with our own strategies.

my strategy was to give the inner and outer group vocabulary words to dance too. So for the inner group I wanted them to ” step step comeback slide comeback.” they can “step” and “slide” however they want, but “comeback” means they have to comeback to their own original tape. The outer group does a similar thing but their words are “step slide spine comeback.” the dancer can interoperate the term “spine” also the way the want to. I imaged both of the groups doing their steps in the tempo 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4 and a 5 and a 1 etc. the accents are on the number which is also when they will do their moves. both of the group will be doing as directed at the same time however the outer group will only do up to count 4 and wait until I start counting again from 1.  we will repeat this twice so two lines of 5 counts.

once they have got this down i want them to do one line of 5 counts but this time the inner group will do “step step comeback slide switch” and outer group “step slide spine comeback switch.” the term “switch” basically means you will switch positions with someone from the other group. only half (so every other person) of the outer group will do this part so that there are same amount of people switching (8 and 8). the people that dont switch will just repeat the “step slide spine comeback.” so everyone is doing some sort of 3 line count.

basically there will be a total of 3 line of 5 counts so 15 accents

inner group: “step step comeback slide comeback”

“step step comeback slide comeback”

“step step comeback slide switch”

outer group: “step slide spine comeback”

“step slide spine comeback”

“step slide spine comeback switch.” (only 8 ppl will do this) other 8 will repeat “step slide spine comeback”  for the third time


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