Week 7

I started as part of the inter group. First renee and her partner would jump in and go back then fabian and his partner, steve and his partner, the lastly I jumped in with my partner. after jumping the center, we kept the same order but jumped in different direction. i jumped by fabian the second time around. afterwards the class divided into group 1 and 2 i was in group 2. group 1 jumped first then we did and we repeated the action. Afterwards i ran behind Bre and then as a class we all jumped together then ran to the conner then group 1 went down and group 2 climbed up. after i climbed up i quickly went to our knees and by the last count we had to find a blue tape to stand on. right when i got to a blue tape i had to start doing my groups choreography because we were the first group. the best/ quickest way i can describe our movement was step in step out run run run look back swing foot around jump off then jump jump jump. by that time we are in the same rhythm with the class and the first move we do is step in the front twice. we do this movement for some time until its our turn again. after this movement we do Evas line ripple effect. when it  got to my line (which was the 5th one) we step back then front. after that we walked acrossed and replace the first line. this time we were the third ones in the ripple effect. After we were done with the rippled affect we did the walking around like bees movement (thats the best way i can explain it). after this you taught us a dance sequence but we didnt attach that to the grid movement yet


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