Week 4 (part 1)

For the first two week of class we tried coming up with activities to do with our dancer.

My Activity: I need 5 people for my activity. Everyone would be standing still beside one person (person1). That person1 will be in motion (however they define motion is Ex: walking, running, dancing, only move upper or lower torso). When that person1 makes eye contact with another person (person2) then person2 will then start mimicking person1 until person1 decides to stop. when person1 decides to stop then person2 well keep going and being in motion and making creative decision until he or she decide to make eye contact with someone else.

these were the basic rules once they got comfortable then i had two people in motion. then eventually i had 3 people start in motion.

The activity I came up with was a fun game that was symbolic in may ways. I wanted my dancers to get comfortable with eye contact. when to lead and when to follow. making creative decision. Also exploring their own creative dance vocabulary


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