Week 4 (part2)

I went to go see Laugh b Antonia Baehr. Before I start talking about the performance I would like to mention that as a former art and dance student that is used to performance that are not of  the norm, Antonias performance was greatly executed. I believe that as a performer if you are able to leave the audience with some sort of emotion or thought after the performance is done then they have completed their duty of a performer. I, from the very beginning of the performance and even after the performance was terrified. I did not laugh once. I viewed her performance as strictly a art form and respected her devotion and professionalism to her work. The way she presented her work scared me however creating fear or any emotion to the audience is still a form of success (rather or not it was intended for that emotion). From the way she dressed to the way she went back to an emotionless expression after every laugh, I was scared shitless. Her laugh to me was not at all contagious. I think that when a laugh is not natural then it cannot be contagious (like what her mom said in the voice recorder). I kept thinking she was hiding a different sad emotion underneath the laughter. this performance scared me but I did not hate it. You can tell that this performance was well thought out and Antonia has put a lot of time creating this piece and I respect that. it was a well executed/ brilliant art performance.


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