Week 10

For the last couple of weeks we have been working on dance style other than modern. The group i was in worked on chinese folk dance. It was really strange that lots of the hand gestures and the concept of story telling were very similar to bharatanatyam and kathak. I felt very comfortable with chinese folk dance. Kim even said it look natural on me. it all make sense now, through the dance series people have said that Eva hand gestures were very similar to mine, well i know why now ( awww i miss eva!). I Enjoyed constructing this piece with Kim, Brittney, Sam, and Kristina.

Improve Structure~

Im not fully happy how this all worked out. I just feel like every time we showed our improve structure it didnt work. we just kept going back to our notes and reconstruct the structure over and over but something felt like we werent doing this right. I think we were in the right path but still something just felt wrong. Also After we showed the improve structure the last day we still didnt feel fully happy about it.  Over all i feel like we made such an effort to figure out this improve structure and yet personally i didnt feel fully successful. I wish we had even more time to figure our the improve structure. I love working in improve structure and creating them; thus feeling like we were not fully successful in our makes me disappointed. However on a happier note, we tried our best and i love my girls so the experience was still worth it.


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