Ucr is Dancing

what an experience. I dont mean to be cheesy but in all seriousness i dont think words can express what the 14 series mean to me. I have grown so much in this journey and i feel like a new person. I started this journey always question if i should be here and if i am worthy to be called a dancers. I had no confidence in myself but yet something in me kept pushing. im so glad i listen to that voice that made me believe that it would be worth it at the end because it was. Every bump in the road made me stronger as a person. Every pat on the back restored my faith. I began to believe in myself I began to believe I’m worth something.

Being a choreographer has been an amazing journey. I knew Jennie, Marisol, Brittney and I talk about how no matter what, we wanted to be very close to our dancers, build a community. I never thought it would be this great though. Never thought these bounds would be so pure and so beautiful. I genuinely love my dancers. they mean so much to me. they have been so sensitive and caring. I didnt even know how much we have impacted their life and how much we had affected on them. I dont know when that transition happen when i went from being their choreographer to becoming their mama lisa/grandma. I feel so blessed and honored to be part of their journey in becoming great dancer and above all becoming beautiful individuals. Juliet, Steven, Ally, Gloria, and Lupe, they make me so proud.  I wish them all the best in their future as dancers. I know they are going to do fine and achieve great things in life.

Joel Joel Joel, I have said this a hundred time but i truly mean it you are a amazing professor. Im not going to say much cause this is not a good bye but instead a see you soon cause you know you cant get ride of me so fast 🙂 however i do want to say I’m truly thank for you, you are such a crucial part of this journey and without you i cant image how things would have turned out. thank you for you patents, thank you for faith, thank you for being a great professor.


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